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Frequently Asked Questions

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The MMS, the miracle mineral solution.

We cannot say that MMS cures any particular disease.

Το MMS, κάνει γενικότερα καλό στον ανθρώπινο οργανισμό.

MMS does the most powerful detox of anything else.

It doesn't hit anything specific.

Anything chronic and/or autoimmune, according to doctor Neophytou, who is an expert in them with 99% success in treatment, come from a combination of negative information (memories) in the unconscious with lifestyle-thinking-emotion and endotoxins, which lower the body's defenses and create all chronic and/or autoimmune symptoms.

So here we remove ONLY the toxins, i.e. we do one part of the treatment.

The mms/mms does not have an expiry date. We can keep it forever.

Attention ! The mms/mms cannot be stored when both materials are mixed. It should be stored separately in its vials.

Use as much as you want and keep the rest in a shady place.

The amount of mms/mms contained in the smaller package of two (2) vials is enough to complete each protocol.

Of course, in case the treatment needs to continue beyond the period indicated there, we will have to calculate the additional days that we will take and if necessary buy another package of 2 vials.

Of course, because it has no expiration date and because it is a solution that has countless therapeutic applications, it is advisable to have a sufficient stock on hand just in case.

We never know if we will need it immediately or if we will need to help a friend who doesn't have it.

The amount you should have is relative to the needs and judgment of each of us.

By "drops in a cup", we mean the dosage per shot.

When we say two (2) drops in a cup, it means that each time we take the dose of mms, this dose will consist of two (2) drops of Sodium Chlorite (NaClO2) 25% and two (2) drops of Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) 5%.

Similarly, three (3) drops in a cup means three (3) drops of 25% Sodium Chlorite (NaClO2) and three (3) drops of 5% Hydrochloric Acid (HCl).

The protocol is the treatment plan that is applied for each situation.

There are five basic protocols and a sixth protocol, which is for children and is determined according to the doctor's instructions.

Each protocol consists of a daily schedule with a specific number of doses per intake and per day at various intervals within the day.

The dosages per intake are given in drops in a cup.

The protocols are given to you with the purchase of each package of mms/mms for FREE.

Whenever large amounts of pathogens are killed in the body faster than the body is able to eliminate the toxins produced by the dead pathogens, nausea, vomiting, headache, diarrhea or other discomfort such as excessive fatigue may result.

This is called the Herxheimer reaction and is common when going through a detox program and the healing process.

Note that although the experience may not make you feel particularly well for a while, experiencing a Herxheimer's reaction is usually a sign that treatment is taking place.

Other than that there are no side effects other than getting well. Having said that, the idea is to not get any sicker than you already feel.

If one follows the Three Golden Rules of MMS, as outlined in the MMS Health Restoration Guide, a Herxheimer's reaction can be greatly minimized and/or avoided altogether.

On another note, the aforementioned discomforts pale in comparison to some side effects of chemotherapy and other pharmaceuticals.

Order and Shipping.

Yes, you can. It's just that the shipping charges are determined by the shipping company in the country where the pickup will take place.

In this case, the online store, can not estimate the shipping charge.

Yes. You can order without registering.

Our online store has it as default.

If you wish to register, you can select the box marked "Create account" in the billing tab, where you fill in your details.

By selecting "Create account", a random code is sent to the email address you provided in the billing form, to be used the next time you visit the website and wish to log in.

To register in the online store, select from the menu "Login / Register" and immediately opens a window, which has two sections.

One section is titled "Login" and the other section is titled "Register". You in the "Register" section, you fill in your email address and a random code comes immediately to your email address, which you will use to log in next time.

You can change this password at any time from the "Account Details" menu, which is located in the main menu under "My Account".

No. There are no refunds.

It is advisable, before placing any order, to carefully read the terms of use, but also be sure that you are interested in using it !

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